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Helping make Hawaii rules more small business friendly

Join us at our monthly meeting to weigh in on Hawaii government rules that affect small business.

Our next meeting is on
Thursday July 21, 10:00 am
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For small businesses and associations

Learn how you can have an impact on rules affecting your business.

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For government agencies

If your agency has a new rule or a rule change that impacts small business, please complete and submit the appropriate forms and attend a board meeting for review and discussion.

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The Small Business Regulatory Review Board (SBRRB) is an eleven-member board comprised of small business owners and officers from across the State. Its main activities include reviewing and making recommendations to State and County agencies on any proposed new or amended administrative rules and responding to small business requests for assistance with administrative rules.

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Impactful actions

The SBRRB has taken actions we are proud of on rules that affect small businesses in Hawaii.

2019 SBRRB chair at work

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DLIR – HIOSH rules

The SBRRB reviewed proposed changes to Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Division rules, including safety standards and requirements in the workplace, safeguarding and preventing danger on a work site, safeguarding medical records, and many other health and safety-related requirements.

During the board meetings, the SBRRB heard from several concerned testifiers (contractors, contracting lobbyists, etc.) due to confusion, concerns and questions the small business stakeholders had about the changes….
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DOT – Commercial service at public airports

A small business taxicab owner came before the SBRRB about a pilot program that the State Department of Transportation (DOT) had established allowing Uber and Lyft drivers to pick up passengers at Hawaii public airports. It was causing a financial impact on the taxi cab drivers.

Because it was a pilot program, the Uber and Lyft drivers were not regulated under the State and County rules that taxicab drivers are…
Read more… DOT – Commercial service at public airports

The real success of the Small Business Regulatory Review Board is in the quality of interaction with the people that come before our board.- Mark Ritchie, Ex Officio Voting Board Member

Make a difference

If you are a current or former owner or officer of a business, live in Hawaii, and have an interest in helping small business in Hawaii...

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