While you can get involved at any point in the rulemaking process, the best time to get involved is at the start when the rules are being written. Learn more about the Rulemaking Process.

For rules being drafted or amended

If you would like to weigh in on a specific administrative rule being drafted or amended, which you believe will impact your small business, there are several ways you can do that.

Submit testimony to SBRRB

SBRRB is here to advocate for small businesses. Come to our monthly board meetings to submit testimony on specific administrative rules affecting your small business.

Contact the state or county

Contacting the state or county agency that is writing the rule is a good place to start. They will listen to your input and take it into consideration.

Contact your business or trade association

There are a lot of ways to hear about rules being written or amended, however, many small businesses hear about them through their local chambers of commerce, trade or business associations. Contact them to find out more.

For existing rules

If your small business is being negatively impacted by an existing rule, we can assist in the following ways.

Submit a regulation for review

Complete the regulation for review form online

Petition for regulatory review

Submit a Petition for Regulatory Review to a specific agency, in accordance with HRS §201M-6, and forward a copy to SBRRB. Within sixty (60) days, the agency is required to submit a written response to SBRRB.

PowerPoint Presentation(s)

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