The Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism’s (DBEDT) Small Business Regulatory Review Board (SBRRB) has a new website that will make the regulatory process more small business-friendly.

The SBRRB is a regulatory agency that reviews proposed new and amended Hawai‘i Administrative Rules (HAR) and advises governmental rule-drafting agencies on the impact on small businesses prior to adoption by the governor and county mayors. The SBRRB also oversees proposed rules, regulations and legislation for economic impact on small businesses, and proposes rules or statutory changes that would improve the regulated climate for Hawai‘i small businesses.

The new website is an improved, revamped and user-friendly tool to assist Hawai‘i’s business community, rule-drafting agencies, business chambers and trade organizations in providing current information on the status of state and county new and proposed HAR’s that have small businesses.

The website’s highlights include a new layout with a more unified appearance, improved navigation of the site and a new dashboard that includes an up-to-date status of the SBRRB’s review of the HARs; an improved webpage for a small business owner’s submission of a “regulation for review”; dates for monthly meetings; and  an explanation in diagram-form as to how small businesses may get involved in the rule-making process.

In addition, the website will provide a mobile-friendly layout that works across all mobile devices and tablets and meets ADA requirements for an efficient, open government. Visit