The SBRRB reviewed proposed changes to Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Division rules, including safety standards and requirements in the workplace, safeguarding and preventing danger on a work site, safeguarding medical records, and many other health and safety-related requirements.

During the board meetings, the SBRRB heard from several concerned testifiers (contractors, contracting lobbyists, etc.) due to confusion, concerns and questions the small business stakeholders had about the changes.  

After hearing all the testimonies, the SBRRB did not approve the rule changes – instead, it deferred any recommendations until HIOSH met with the stakeholders to iron out the concerns and confusion discussed during the meetings (and before going to public hearing).

Subsequently, both HIOSH representatives and stakeholders came back to the SBRRB and thanked them, stating how grateful they were for the Board’s recommendation. 

The “stakeholder” meetings cleared up the confusion and answered questions, and it also allowed HIOSH to make additions to the rules which had not been initially introduced without the stakeholders’ input.